Calling all Catholic Men!

Catholic Watchmen @ CDM is a community of Catholic men dedicated to be Men of Christ, fulfilling their role as priest, prophet and king in their family and community.

Catholic Watchmen Rite of Commitment

30 July 2018

The Catholic Watchmen (CW) made their commitment during an extraordinary Rite of Commitment Mass on 30 July 2018. Some 47 CW brothers gathered in the chapel to make their pledge witnessed by their spouses and family. Each CW commits to devote time to daily prayer and reading of sacred scriptures, be fully engaged at Mass, and go for regular confession. The men will carry their cross and follow Christ in their journey with each other.

Fr Damian, who celebrated the Rite of Commitment Mass, challenged the Catholic Watchmen (CW) to be spiritual husbands/fathers like St. Joseph and be the spiritual leader/protector/provider in their families. He said this men movement is the first of its kind in the diocese, and he hopes that like the
mustard seed, the CW will grow into a big tree vis-a-vis a spiritually strong community where it can shelter (defend) families from the evil influences of today’s contemporary culture.

As iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17), our CW brothers will help sharpen each other to be Men of Christ, Men for Christ. This verse, which is part of the CW pledge, assured Michelle (wife of CW John Tan) who said, “A man of Christ and a man for Christ will surely be a man who knows how to love his family.” Claire (sister of CW Benedict Abraham) said, “It is good to know that we have a support group for Catholic men to grow.”

The CW fraternity meets every fortnight for spiritual formation and fellowship. The next formation program on Catholic Male Spirituality and the Biblical Vision of the Family shall run from August 2018 to June 2019. All Catholic men (married and single) aged 21 and above are welcome to know more about the CW.



All Catholic men (married and single) aged 21 and above are welcome to know more about the Catholic Watchmen.

For enquiries, please contact:
David Fong at 9635 5464 or

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are we about?
A brotherhood of Catholic men who seek to live out our Catholic faith fully in our family and community.

2. What is the purpose of this group?
We encourage one another to be men of Christ. As priest, prophet and king in the example of Jesus, we learn to be the self-sacrificing protector, provider and spiritual leader in our family and community.

3. How often do you meet?
Our formation sessions are held on Monday nights. Please see Programme Schedule tab for more details.

4. What are the main activities of your group?
We fellowship and share our faith journey as Father, Husband, Brother or Friend. A priest teaches us about Jesus. We encounter Him. We discuss how we can be Christ-like in our daily lives. For evening fellowship, the Sacrament of reconciliation can be made available. Later, as the group matures, we can have activities tailored to meet the needs of the members. In essence, we come together to Know Jesus – Love Jesus – Serve Jesus in our family and in our community.

5. How long do I have to commit to the group?
Your commitment to the group would be according to your desire and conviction to be a Man of Christ.

6. Where do you meet each time?
Our Monday night formation sessions are held @ the Parish Hall on level 2.

7. Is there any fee involved?
There are no fees. However, food and beverages will be provided for the meetings and a love offering box is available for contributions from members.

8. How is this different from other church’s men’s group?
We have adapted our group structure from the US Catholic Watchmen in the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis and believe each group would share similar values but hold distinct characteristics unique to each country’s culture.

9. Who is this group meant for?
For all Catholic men (age 21 and above) in all states of life – single, married, widowed or divorced. We are unapologetically Catholic, grounded in sacred scripture, sacred tradition and following the teachings of the Catholic Church. We welcome all who are parishioners and non-parishioners of CDM.