RCIA Welcome to the Family! (Baptism 31 Mar 2018)

We thank God for the 43 neophytes who were baptised, confirmed, and received into the Catholic Church and welcomed them for the very first time at the Lord’s Eucharistic table in Holy Communion. The whole CDM community rejoices and warmly welcomes them as fully initiated members of the Catholic Church! The RCIA team would like to thank all ministries and organisations who have helped with the celebrations and formation of the neophytes in one way or another.

“The Holy Spirit gave me a deep but quiet joy to have risen with Christ to a new beginning. I look forward to living my identity as a child of God and being as salt and light unto others around me.” – Avril Marianne Chong, Neophyte

“The feeling was intense as I was immersed in the baptismal waters. When I emerged, I felt saved and created anew. I am now free to live my new life in Christ.” – Colette Lum, Neophyte

“A week before the Easter Vigil, I was still hesitant about being baptised but decided to go ahead as I chose to journey alongside my wife Colette. And I’m glad I did it.” – John Cheah, Neophyte





Welcome to the Family