Level 9 Attachment to the Lector’s Ministry


Five Level 9 trainees were attached to the Lector’s Ministry over an 8 week period to learn what lectors have to go through weekly, to prepare for proclamation at weekday and weekend masses.

The trainees prepared reading reflections and shared during Breaking of the Word sessions, learnt how to draft intercessions to get a deeper understanding for the Word of God, expertly got over stuttering / imprecise pronunciations to proclaim effectively to the CDM congregation.

Ever since the trainees joined the Ministry, there was a general revival in interest for the Bible. The trainees learnt that passages from the Bible can have such different perspectives to different people! Overall it was a spiritually fascinating experience for all; and the trainees walked away with a deeper understanding from text written so long ago that is still relevant to modern life and its daily challenges.

 We pray our trainees will continue on their proclamation journey!