Lenten Retreat 2017: Mary – Disciple To The End

Leading over 40 Ministry members (from Lectors, Eucharist, RCIA, Family Life and AV) in a guided retreat on 25 March 2017, Sr Sandra Seow, local Superior of the Verbum Dei Missionaries, aptly focused on the theme ‘Mary – Disciple To The End’, marking the Feast of the Annunciation on the same day.

With several biblical references and quotes from Pope Francis, Sr Sandra led the group to reflect on how Mother Mary modeled discipleship by:

1. Making God big
As she expressed in the Magnificat, Mary’s whole life magnified God, becoming a committed servant, putting others first for the glory of the Lord.

2. Committing Definitively
Mary was neither a comfortable, convenient nor distracted disciple. Her ‘yes’ to God was forever including times of great difficulty.

3. Walking the Way of the Cross
Despite suffering during the birth of Jesus, the flight to Egypt, witnessing His rejection while on mission and His crucifixion, Mary stood firm, finding courage and strength in her steadfast faith in God.

Following in her footsteps, participants learnt to ask “How, God?” instead of “Why, God?” whenever there is suffering and difficulties. Citing Mark 8:34 and Pope Francis – “When we journey without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord”, Sr Sandra shared how faith in God does not remove suffering.

Ministry members then spent the rest of the afternoon, pondering individually on “the aspect of discipleship to emulate more in their own following of Jesus” and later, sharing in small groups. It was a meaningful afternoon spent, contemplating how we can be better disciples with Mother Mary by our side as we journey through Lent.

“Help us walk with your Son, Mother Mary.”