What is Laudato Si’?

Laudato Si’ (“Praise Be to You”) is the second encyclical (i.e. papal letter) by Pope Francis. It is the only encyclical devoted to environmentalism and integral ecology, i.e. dealing with problems in both the natural environment and human society alike.
In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis sets out the destruction that Man is rendering to the environment and each other, in the form of the following:

1.Pollution and Climate Change
2. Lack of Access to Drinkable Water
3. Loss of Biodiversity (i.e. extinction of plants and animals)
4. Decline in the Quality of Human Life and the Breakdown of Society
5. Global Inequality

In light of the ecological crisis our world is facing, Laudato Si’ is an invitation to ecological conversion, by reshaping our lifestyle, in order to halt environmental degradation and encourage a “culture of care”.    


5 things we can do today to show our support in protecting our Home:

1.Bring your own reusable water bottle when you are out instead of buying bottled water to reduce the number of discarded empty bottles.

2.Always carry a recycling tote bag with you and make it a habit to bring your own bag to the supermarket. If you have to take any plastic bags, be conscious of the number that you take.

3. Always switch off electricity when the power appliances  are not in use at home.

4. Turn air condition temperature to bit higher when you are sleeping as you may not need the room to be very cold at that time of the day. Less energy and power will be needed to drive the air-condition.

5.Donate your unwanted but good condition items to organizations that collects them e.g. Salvation Army. Old clothes can be donated to any H&M or Uniqlo outlet which collects them for recycling