Canteen Day 2016: Lectors Go To Europe!

lector1 lector2

Taking over the canteen on 4 Sep 2016, the lectors pulled a deliciously varied menu right out of Europe: German Sausages, Aglio Olio, Spaghetti Bolognese, Mushroom soup, Eggs & Beans, Bread Pudding, Macaroons and Cupcakes!

Selling fast as the morning wore on; the lectors found themselves improvising resourcefully by going out to get reinforcements in the form of Croissants, Chicken wings and more Sausages. In fact, all the food was sold out before 11am with the ministry turning in more than expected proceeds to the church, thanks to the generous contributions by the lectors as well as the wonderful support of parishioners.

 It was a fun and fulfilling morning that saw the lectors bonded in fellowship and service!