A Call to Serve – Interview with Cornelia Tisa

Lector_Tisa“7 years ago, I had to choose a ministry to serve for my Confirmation attachment in the Church of the Holy Trinity. Choosing to join the Lectors Ministry was a straightforward decision at that time, as my father was already in the ministry. Choosing to stay in the ministry, especially after a change in parish, was not as easy. By God’s grace, it was a calling to stay, and I have not looked back since.

I have grown up with a ministry that has taught me so much – from our weekly Breaking of the Word, which guides us through our Sunday mass readings, to simply interacting with the lectors, who come from different backgrounds, yet are one in the same faith. Being a lector is not just about speaking in front of a whole congregation. It is not just about being the bravest, the most eloquent or the most knowledgeable in the Word of God.

Being a lector, to me, is about sharing the words of love from the Bible to those attending mass. It is about being brave enough to let oneself be taught and guided by the Word, to be humble enough to practise being more eloquent, and most importantly, to continue learning and growing in faith with each and every lector. I joined the Lector Ministry because I had to serve. I stayed on because I wanted to serve, because I was called to serve.”

 – Cornelia Tisa