RCIA Works of Mercy 2018

The Works of Mercy session got to an early start last Saturday (24 Nov). Our session was built around our own church and the catechumens were introduced to four ministries and what they do; Art & Environment, De-cleanse, SSVP and the hospitality ministry. We were briefed by their respective representatives encouraging our catechumens to join them according to their gifts and talents as they journey along in their catholic faith. We were then split into different areas. One group did the plant decorations around the church, some helped build gift bags to be given to children during Christmas, whilst the rest were spilit into building church props and cleaning of the church.

I have always been fascinated by the plants and flowers inside the church. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Art and Environment Ministry (A&E) where one of our tasks was to decorate the church. A group of us were attached to gardening and we were amazed to see that there were a variety of potted plants in our church compound, all well maintained by our parishioners. We also learnt that at every different feasts and liturgical celebrations, we use different coloured plants and flowers according to the liturgical colour of the day. This weekend we were told to arrange the plants in green. – Ann Koh (catechumen)